16 Mar 2016

New Kiribati cabinet ministers sworn in

4:16 pm on 16 March 2016

The newly elected Kiribati president yesterday swore in 10 ministers to his 12 member cabinet along with the country's attorney general from the now ruling Tobwaan Kiribati Party.

Taneti Mamaau became Kiribati's new president last week replacing Anote Tong who had completed the allowable three terms.

Vice President & Minister for Public Works & Utilities - Kourabi Nenem

Vice President & Minister for Public Works & Utilities, Kourabi Nenem. Photo: Supplied

President Maamau's election win came over two candidates from Mr Tong's former ruling BTK party.

Speaking to local media during the ceremony at the State Maneaba in Bairiki, Mr Maamau said the Kiribati people had voted for change and his new look cabinet now had to work hard to fulfill its mandate.

Two prospective ministers, Willie Tokataake for Communications, Transport and Tourism and Mikarite Temari for the Line and Phoenix Islands Development ministry, were unable to make the swearing in.

Kiribati's ten officially sworn in new ministers are:

Kourabi Nenem - MP for South Tarawa (TUC) - is the new Vice President of Kiribati and Minister for Public Works and Utilities,

Alexander Teabo - MP for Butaritari - is Minister of Education,

Atarake Nataara - MP for North Tarawa - Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA),

David Collins - MP for Maiana - Minister for Women, Youth and Social Affairs (MWYSA),

Kobebe Taitai - MP for Tabiteuea North - Minister of Health and Medical Services,

Ruateki Tekaiara - MP for Marakei - Minister of Labor and Human Resources Development,

Tauanei Marea - MP for Nikunau - Minister of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (MCIC),

Tebao Awerika - MP for Betio (BTC) - Minister of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development (MELAD),

Tetabo Nakara - MP for Beru - Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development (MFMRD),

Dr Teuea Toatu - MP for Abaiang - Minister of Finance and Economic Development (MFED)

And Kiribati's new Attorney General Natan Teewe Brechtefeld - MP for Abemama.

Attorney General - Honourable Natan Teewe shakes hands with President Taneti Maamau

Attorney General, Honourable Natan Teewe. Photo: Kiribati Taiwan Embassy - Nathan OB