Trump wins CNMI Republican caucus

3:44 pm on 16 March 2016

Donald Trump has won the Republican caucus in the Northern Marianas.

Mr Trump took home 73 percent of the vote and securing all nine delegates.

Speaking in Florida, he thanked his supporters.

"Northern Marianas Islands have been so incredible and we picked up nine delegates this morning. I just wanted to thank the governor, Ralph Torres, great guy and chairman (James) Ada who is a fantastic man. That was a very nice start to the day."

Ted Cruz followed with 24 percent, while John Kasich and Marco Rubio only secured two and one percent respectively of the votes.

Last week, the CNMI governor, Ralph Torres, threw his support behind Mr Trump.

As an unincorporated commonwealth of the United States, the CNMI can participate in the candidate selection process but its resident are unable to vote in November's presidential election.

The governor of the Northern Marianas, Ralph Torres.

The governor of the Northern Marianas, Ralph Torres. Photo: CNMI Republican Facebook