15 Mar 2016

Solomons PM wants more graduates to head overseas

5:17 pm on 15 March 2016

The prime minister of Solomon Islands wants more people in his country to pursue doctorates and secure work overseas.

Honiara international airport, Solomon Islands

Photo: Supplied

Manasseh Sogavare said natural resources were running out and it was time to increase investment in human resources and encourage labour migration in the hope of increasing remittances to the islands.

Mr Sogavare's comments are a deviation from the current government practice of seeking to keep university graduates in the country by employing them in the public service.

Policy and planning officials in Honiara said this could be good news for the country, which has had success in the past with exporting qualified people overseas only to have it referred to as a 'brain drain'.

This perception is put down to many Solomon Islands graduates now working overseas having studied courtesy of government funded scholarships.