Tahiti Nui concept rejected

12:11 pm on 15 March 2016

French Polynesia's ruling party has roundly dismissed a proposal to turn the territory into an associated state of France.

The rejection by the Tapuna Huiraatira comes after Gaston Flosse of the Tahoeraa Huiraatira again outlined his vision of changing the autonomy status.

The proposal for his Tahiti Nui would provide for direct presidential elections and for the local government to be able to dismiss French officials.

The Tapura accuses Flosse of trying to settle a score with those who put a stop to his megalomania, saying he still fails to understand he was pursued for his wrongdoing and not for political reasons.

Flosse lost office because of a corruption conviction two years ago.

The French High Commissioner has told the local newspaper that the Polynesians should get what system they want.

There has been no comment from the pro-independence camp which is trying to decolonise the territory through the UN process.

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