12 Mar 2016

American Samoa volleyball owe money to Cooks hotel

11:40 am on 12 March 2016

American Samoa National Olympic Committee's (ASNOC) has suspended from its membership the American Samoa Volleyball Association over an unpaid bill in the Cook Islands.

The volleyball association participated last December at the Oceania Continental Cup and Eastern Zone Championships in the Cook Islands.

But the team left without paying a more than $US9,500 (9,525.42) tab at the Edgewater Resort, where they stayed for 20-days.

The outstanding bills were sent to ASNOC after the volleyball association failed to make any payment.

After all efforts failed for the volleyball association to pay the debit, the ASNOC executive board met late last month and reached a decision to suspend the association until the unpaid bill is resolved.

ASNOC's President Victor Langkilde informed the volleyball association that the unpaid expense puts American Samoa and its athletes in a negative view locally and abroad, which is totally unacceptable.

Volleyball association President Savaliga Afu says they are working on paying the debit.