10 Mar 2016

Nauru's latest visa restriction called crazy

7:58 am on 10 March 2016

Nauru Photo: AFP

The latest visa restrictions placed on Australians and New Zealanders show the government wants to hide the lack of rule of law on the land according to a former President of Nauru.

Sprent Dabwido is one of five MPs suspended from parliament for nearly two years.

All five are facing legal action but are frequently stymied by the Justice Minister stopping their lawyers entering the country.

Earlier this month it was revealed Australians and New Zealanders will need sponsorship from a Nauru citizen if they want to visit the island.

This local guarantor could face jail if the visa is breached.

Mr Dabwido said it is crazy when Nauru has closer links with Australia and many Nauruans seek medical treatment and education there.

"But what we are doing is we are going the opposite way. We are becoming more restrictive. Mainly I think because the government is trying to hide its lack of the rule of law here, and trying to hide from the Australian and New Zealand media. They have just gone crazy, that's all I can say. No normal people would do things like this."

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