Gradual change seen in PNG police attitude to sexual violence

1:30 pm on 9 March 2016

Papua New Guinea police deputy commissioner, Raphael Huafolo, says there is a gradual change in mindset in police attitudes to domestic violence.

Mr Haufolo launched an evaluation report of the police's Family and Sexual Violence Units on Tuesday to coincide with International Women's Day.

The units are a designated space where trained officers can respond to family and sexual violence cases and there are now 17 around the country.

Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade

Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade Photo: Supplied

Mr Huafolo said prior to the introduction of the units, many victims of sexual violence were not served at police station counters because this was considered a domestic problem.

But he said there is an increasing awareness of family sexual violence, a gradual change in the mindset of police and this has led to an increase in the reporting of incidents by victims.

Mr Huafalo said the review analyses the policing services providing to survivors of family and sexual violence.

He said it will map the way forward to better legal protection for people who use the units.