8 Mar 2016

Cook Islands marine environment policy finally done

4:37 pm on 8 March 2016

After a year of discussion, the Cook Islands Marae Moana Oceans Policy is finally with the prime minister who will present it to Cabinet.

The policy, which guides the management and use of the Cook Islands marine environment, has been formulated in consultation with the public.

The final version of the policy was agreed at a stakeholder meeting that ended last month.

The Cook Islands News reports the Prime Minister received the policy last week, which he will put into action when he returns from fishery discussions in the northern group.

Marae Moana Marine Park project manager Jacqui Evans said a meeting had been held to examine the pros and cons of closed ocean zones.

Ms Evans said it was important to consider the cumulative impacts of activities.

She said the primary objective of Marae Moana will be conservation and fishing, while mining and tourism could be supported provided they were consistent with that objective.