7 Mar 2016

13 confirmed Zika infections in American Samoa

11:07 am on 7 March 2016

There are now 13 confirmed cases of Zika in American Samoa, of which five are pregnant women.

Since the Zika outbreak first surfaced late last year the number of suspected cases stands at 279.

An epidemiologist for the Department of Health Scott Anesi said the district with the highest number of suspected cases was Tuala-ata.

Territory-wide efforts to stop the spread of the virus are concentrated on eradicating breeding places for mosquitoes.

Villages targeted in a clean-up by government departments last week wereTafuna , Iliili and Nuuuli villages.

Mr Anesi said the government was also looking at deploying prevention kits.

"Now what's going to be in the kits is bed-nets or mosquito nets for day-napping as well as repellant, some clothing for protection and other items in there. So that is the next phase in our protection of the pregnant women out there."

zika mosquito

Photo: 123RF