2 Mar 2016

Sigave on Futuna to get new king

12:18 pm on 2 March 2016

The kingdom of Sigave on the French Pacific island of Futuna is set to install a new king on Saturday after a seven-year vacancy.

The territory's public broadcaster says Eufenio Takala has been announced as the new king in a proclamation by a customary minister.

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A traditional chieftain's ceremony in Futuna. Photo: AFP

This comes amid tension between the kingdom's two royal families which last month prompted the chiefs to ask Francois Hollande to desist from making his first presidential visit to Sigave.

Reports say in recent weeks there have been scuffles after church, prompting police to intervene.

Attempts to install another man as king last month have failed.

Wallis and Futuna jointly have three kingdoms recognised by the French republic.