Security impersonating PNG police

7:57 am on 1 March 2016

A man in Papua New Guinea has been arrested for impersonating a policeman after being discovered armed with a high powered firearm, ammunition and a pair of uniforms.

Papua New Guinea police officers watch on during a protest rally in 2013.

PNG police Photo: AFP

Police say the Bouganvillean man was arrested inside a private company premise in the National Capital District where he was providing security.

Police were notified by members of the public who became suspicious when they saw the armed man escorting a group of people with the high powered rifle.

The fully loaded police-issue MP5 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle was immediately confiscated and the man was taken into custody.

Police say the 37-year-old was a former PNG Defence Force Soldier who was given the gun and coerced into wearing the uniform.

A senior police officer is now suspected of illegally issuing the firearm, bullets and uniforms to a civilian for the purpose of providing security.

Mr Isouve said investigations were continuing and officer concerned would be arrested and charged.