29 Feb 2016

Containers being filled in Auckland to help Fiji

5:49 pm on 29 February 2016

Containers have arrived in Auckland locations where people can donate items of need to be sent to help families in Fiji.

HMNZS Wellington being loaded with aid in Fiji post Cylone Winston

HMNZS Wellington being loaded with aid in Fiji post Cylone Winston Photo: NZ Defence Force

The president of the Fiji Community Association in Auckland, Nacanieli Yalimaiwai, said the Auckland Council Mayoral Pacific Disaster Fund would fund up to 10 containers to Fiji.

Mr Yalimaiwai said today was the first day the containers had been at the locations, and people had been coming out in droves to fill them with much needed items.

"Non-perishable foods, tinned food, rice, flour, sugar, clothes, torches, solar powered lights, mosquito repellants, those are really family to family type of goods that we are focussing on."

Mr Yalimaiwai said they were able to load about half a container full of goods onto the New Zealand HMNZS Navy frigate over the weekend, but could have done more if they had been given more notice by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

He said they are hoping the Navy frigate would have room for more containers on its next trip to Fiji, but will make their own shipping arrangements if not.

Fiji's National Disaster Management Office will be receiving and distributing the items once sent over.

The container collection points in Auckland are the City Impact Church in Mt Wellington and Church Unlimited in Glendene.