29 Feb 2016

Coastal management project started in Vanuatu

12:19 pm on 29 February 2016

A project to better manage coastal resources and improve protection from cyclones has been launched on the Vanuatu island of Efate.

Eluke, South East Efate

Eluke, South East Efate Photo: https://instagram.com/jasonfeast

The restoration of ecosystems and adaption to climate change project is a colaboration between the Pacific Community and Vanuatu stakeholders.

Its goals are to improve the resilience of North Efate's population to natural hazards, but also to manage invasive species, improve waste disposal and develop sustainable fishing.

The project's co-ordinator from the Pacific Community Raphael Bille said natural methods of fighting coastal erosion with vegetation will be introduced.

"It also involves protecting the coral reefs because healthy coral reefs are a useful tool against erosion. They break the waves lessening the impact of the cyclones. The better the coral the less erosion you have."

Dr Bille said similar projects were being implemented in Fiji, New Caledonia and French Polynesia.