25 Feb 2016

99% of Tongan adult population impacted by NCDs

2:22 pm on 25 February 2016
Diabetics must monitor their blood sugar levels frequently.

34 percent of Tongans have type two diabetes Photo: AFP

Tonga's Prime Minister says 99 percent of the adult population in the country are impacted by Non-Communicable Diseases.

'Akilisi Pohiva highlighted the issue during the launch of the third National Strategy for Prevention and Control of NCD's.

Mr Pohiva says the life expectancy of both men and women in Tonga has dropped in comparison to previous years and needs to be addressed appropriately.

He says Tonga was the first in the region to formulate a scheme to curb NCDs, but despite this the problem is seemingly escalating.

Mr Pohiva says one in two Tongans are at risk of developing NCDs while 34 percent have type two diabetes.

Radio Tonga reports the prime minister saying NCDs have significant economic implications which require national planning and focus.