23 Feb 2016

Samoa election candidate fights legal battle

12:56 pm on 23 February 2016

One of 24 women candidates in Samoa's upcoming election is fighting a legal battle to remain in the race for a parliamentary seat.

Court house in Samoa

Court house in Samoa Photo: RNZ / Mary Baines

Faaulusau Rosa Duffy Stowers is one of the only two candidates nominated for Gagaifomauga number 3.

She will be running against the Parliamentary speaker, La'auli Leuatea Polataivao next week.

The speaker is challenging her candidacy in court.

La'auli testified in a hearing that his opponent is not qualified because she does not meet the three-year requirement relating to village service or monotaga.

But the respondent told the court she had fulfilled the requirement since 2003 after she had been bestowed with the chiefly title of Faaulusau in her village of A'opo.

Meanwhile, two other women candidates who were involved in a separate election case over the residential eligibility requirement have praised each other for reaching a decision to withdraw the matter.

Samau Faamau Levi and Seuoti Sheryl Fialuma will be running for the seat of Gaga'emauga number two constituency held by the former Tautua Samoa MP, Levaopolo Talatonu.