18 Feb 2016

PNG diplomats angry about poor communication

10:26 am on 18 February 2016

Papua New Guinea heads of mission say lack of prudent communication between Port Moresby and overseas missions plus delays in the release of funds are major setbacks affecting the country's diplomatic missions.

NBC reports PNG's Ambassador to Japan, Gabriel Dusava, saying simple communications such as telephone calls and emails back to the PNG capital are rarely answered or replied on time.

Mr Dusava said PNG talks about connecting and integrating with the outside world, but its key departments particularly foreign affairs officials are still sleeping, and not getting the basics right.

PNG's ambassador to Brussels, Joshua Kalinoe, raised similar concerns, saying the financing of overseas missions is vital to running them.

The Chief Secretary to the government, Isaac Lupari, sais he will ensure these concerns are addressed.

This was highlighted during the Heads of Mission conference underway this week in Port Moresby.