16 Feb 2016

Call for historic trees to be protected in the Cooks

3:13 pm on 16 February 2016

There is a call for legislative change in the Cook Islands to preserve and protect historic trees.

Local arborist Noora Baker said only 30 percent of the historic trees were left on Rarotonga.

Mr Baker said these historic trees included mahogany, chestnut, mango, uto, kapok and koka trees.

Mr Baker said he understood the development needed for the island, but there needed to be more care taken with presevation of trees.

"Some of the chestnut trees on island have been here over 200 years some of them. There is not many of them left on the island and that is my concern, people cutting them down.

"I mean, we can trim them, take care of them, but not completely butcher them," he said.

Mr Baker says he was meeting with a number of MPs to raise his concerns.