Marshall Islands again left off UN report

2:24 pm on 15 February 2016

The Marshall Islands has again been left out of a United Nations report for not providing the relevant data to the global body.

The nation had missed out four years in a row and remained unranked on the Human Development Report.

In the recently released 2015 report, 188 nations were reviewed.

Marshall Islands, Nauru, the Cook Islands and Tuvalu were the only Pacific nations that were not included.

The UNDP told our Marshall Islands correspondent that at the time of the data downloading - 15 April 2015 - three out of the four indicators were not available for the country at the international sources the UN relies on - World Bank, UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the UN Population Division.

Meanwhile, the 2015 report ranked the following Pacific nations out of 188 countries globally: Palau 60, Fiji 90, Tonga 100, Samoa 105, Federated States of Micronesia 123, Vanuatu 134, Kiribati 137, Solomon Islands 156, and PNG 158.

Palau, FSM and Kiribati have all slipped in ranking since 2011.