11 Feb 2016

Vanuatu's NDMO does awareness as Ambrym fire burns

1:18 pm on 11 February 2016

The National Disaster Management Office in Vanuatu is advising people not to light fires on Ambrym island as a damaging bushfire enters its fifth week.

Seven villages in the west of Ambrym are battling a fire which has been burning since early January.

Coconut plantations have been destroyed but Philip Meto from the NDMO said they are awaiting a detailed report at the end of the week to see if assistance is needed from Port Vila.

Mr Meto said in the meantime he had carried out awareness campaigns on Ambrym.

"We've done a lot of awareness especially not to burn gardens and especially not to burn rubbish in the bushes or anywhere else because at this stage the place is too dry. People might get into problems like having this type of bushfire. We advised them not to throw cigarette filters or make bushfires."