10 Feb 2016

Bougainville president admonished over court threat

2:24 pm on 10 February 2016

A veteran Bougainville politician, Sam Akoitai, has admonished the president John Momis for threatening to take the Papua New Government government to court.

Mr Momis said the O'Neill government has for years failed to fulfil its commitments to properly fund the region, both under the constitution and the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

Next week, both administrations meet in a Joint Supervisory Body meeting and Mr Momis says if the national government does not resolve the matter, he will sue over it.

Mr Akoitai, who has served in several national cabinets, says he wants to see Mr Momis take a more conciliatory approach.

"My view is that Momis should not take the national government to court to try and address this issue. But what I see as a middle ground is for president Momis to perhaps seek a supreme court reference which would seek the clarification from the courts on this matter, to settle this matter."