5 Feb 2016

NFP MPs suspended

11:34 am on 5 February 2016

Three of Fiji's opposition MPs have been suspended from parliament amid a controversy over their party's accounts.

The Speaker of Parliament ruled the National Federation Party MPs could not take their seats at next week's session after receiving advice from the Solicitor General's office.

The individual MPs' suspension comes following the 30 day suspension of the party on Monday.

The Supervisor of Elections suspended the party saying its accounts had been audited by an accountant without a Certificate of Public Practice.

The MPs are also suspended for 30 days.

Suspension "high-handed"

The month-long suspension of the National Federation Party has been termed high-handed by the leader of the opposition.

Ro Teimumu Kepa said the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem, as a senior civil servant, should have taken time to consult more widely before suspending the party.

"You know take some advice and counsel from other senior members of the legal fraternity. This position that he's taken I believe is high-handed. He hasn't given any consideration to the NFP to explain themselves."