4 Feb 2016

Fiji union says worker rights still not addressed

8:25 am on 4 February 2016

Worker rights need more attention in Fiji according to a local union despite the government saying a long-running dispute has been resolved.

Last month an International Labour Organisation mission met government, employers and unions in an effort to resolve issues and avoid a Commission of Inquiry or the highest investigative procedure.

The government said the situation is now positive with the government moving to address union concerns.

Fiji election candidate and former trade unionist, Attar Singh.

FICTU General Secretary, Attar Singh. Photo: RNZI / Sally Round

However Attar Singh from the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions said issues like the extension of the essential services category and the matter of political restrictions still need to be addressed.

Mr Singh said the government and the Fiji Trade Unions Congress who signed off an ILO report, have rushed through an agreement in an effort to avoid a Commission of Inquiry.

"We all wanted to avoid the inquiry but that doesn't mean that an inquiry has to be avoided at the expense of worker rights and here it seems to be that just to avoid the inquiry, worker rights have been given second stage. That is something the ILO should not be prepared to entertain."

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