20 Jan 2016

American Samoa judge objects to same sex marriage

12:49 pm on 20 January 2016

American Samoa's new District Court Judge says he will not perform same sex marriage weddings unless local laws are changed.

The territory's former attorney general, Fiti Alexander Sunia, was unanimously confirmed by the American Samoa Senate, and he fills the post on the bench left vacant following last year's retirement of judge John Ward II.

During his confirmation hearing, Senator Tauolo Manaia Fruean, a retired associate judge of the High Court, questioned Sunia on whether he has read the US Supreme Court decision, which allows same sex marriage.

Sunia responded that he has not read the Supreme Court ruling and that the district court doesn't deal with this ruling.

He also said he will not perform weddings for same sex couples unless local laws are changed.

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Photo: Supplied