Marshall Islands president to face no confidence motion

6:28 am on 18 January 2016

The Marshall Islands parliament will sit today to introduce a motion of no confidence against the President, Casten Nemra.

New Speaker Kenneth Kedi (left) congratulates new President Casten Nemra (right)

President Casten Nemra (right) won election by one vote on January the 4th. Photo: RNZI Giff Johnson

Mr Nemra was only inaugurated a week ago, after winning the presidency by a one-vote margin in the 33-seat parliament on January the 4th.

Our correspondent in Majuro, Giff Johnson, says the motion was pre-filed by six members of the opposition late on Thursday.

He says a motion has never been filed so soon after an inauguration, and it reflects the lack of a clear majority and shifting coalitions, rather than poor performance by Mr Nemra.

"There can't be any real complaint because President Nemra hasn't been in office long enough to have done anything, and so at this stage this is simply a matter of numbers and it's a re-grouping of people in the opposition who now believe that he no longer has a majority."

Giff Johnson says the parliament is likely to vote on the motion next Monday.