14 Jan 2016

Guam to host massive military exercise

8:15 am on 14 January 2016

Guam will host more than 1800 military personnel from the US, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines and South Korea for an annual military exercise next month.

The Pacific Daily News reports the island is hosting 'Cope North' from February 10 until the 26th.

At least 100 aircraft are expected to arrive for the exercise, which Andersen is hosting for the 16th year.

A US Air Force F-22 Raptor aircraft over Guam

A US Air Force F-22 Raptor aircraft over Guam Photo: Supplied

More than 930 US military will train alongside around 490 Japanese, 375 Australian, 35 New Zealand, 20 South Korean and 5 Filipino personnel.

This year's Cope North will include humanitarian assistance and disaster relief training and air-to-ground practice air-strikes.

An island in the Northern Marianas, which the US has leased as a bombing range, will be the target for the airstrikes.