PNG police head looks to improve disciplinary process

9:16 am on 12 January 2016

The Papua New Guinea police chief says improving disciplinary processes could be a key to addressing the high levels of police abuse complaints.

Papua New Guinea police officers watch on during a protest rally in 2013.

Papua New Guinea police officers watch on during a protest rally. Photo: AFP

On Monday it was revealed that over 1600 complaints of abuse were filed between 2007 and 2014.

Gary Baki says the figures are deeply worrying.

Mr Baki says he is also concerned that only 274 out of 600 dismissals recommended were actually carried out in that time period.

The commissioner says senior officers need to be more careful when dealing with such cases.

"The people who've initiated the disciplinary process at the bottom have not complied with the disciplinary requirements, mostly witness statements, that allows the file to be presented for adjudication is missing or is not attached. That's why the adjudicators find it quite difficult for them to look at the file and decide whether that person is guilty or not guilty. It's the process that came from out in the provinces or in the regions."

Mr Baki says the force is now carrying out workshops on how to go through the complaint and disciplinary procedures properly.