9 Jan 2016

Guam senator wants WWII grievances settled

7:32 am on 9 January 2016

A Guam senator is urging the United States security advisor to advocate for families abused during the Second World War.

The US Naval base at Orote Peninsula, Guam

The US Naval base at Orote Peninsula, Guam Photo: Supplied

The Pacific Daily News reports Frank Blas' call for advocacy comes on the heels of an agreement between Japan and South Korea.

Last month, Japan agreed to pay more than 8.3 million US dollars to South Korean survivors who were forced into sexual slavery under imperial rule in the 1930s and '40s.

In a letter to National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Mr Blas says Guam, too, was under Japanese occupation and "endured unspeakable atrocities".

Mr Blas says Guam plays an integral role in US military strategy and Ms Rice should advocate to resolve the island's war claims at the federal level.