7 Jan 2016

Vanuatu candidate process said to have flaws

8:25 pm on 7 January 2016

A former MP in Vanuatu says he should have been cleared to contest this month's snap election, accusing the Electoral Office of poor screening processes.

After a delay of two days, the office late last night released the official candidates list with 183 names.

However, 81 people were declared ineligible, including two current caretaker ministers, the former opposition leader, Ham Lini, and the former speaker of parliament, Philip Boedoro.

Mr Boedoro says his name was left off because of an issue relating to a firearms licence, which he denies.

He says he is clear and should be allowed to campaign, and blames the Electoral Office for not screening candidates properly.

"I think I had done all the things that they required and I believe that there was nothing that they did not do. I think they have a problem with the screening."

Philip Boedoro says the Electoral Office has conceded that he should be on the list.

Other candidates who did not make the list have 72 hours to appeal.