28 Dec 2015

Two Solomons MPs yet to confirm change

3:19 pm on 28 December 2015

Two former Solomon Islands opposition MPs who have joined the government have yet to resign from their political party.

The MP for South Vella Lavella, Lionel Alex and MP for Ranonga-Simbo, Charles Sigoto, belong to the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement which is part of the opposition group.

The Political Parties Commission has yet to announce whether the two MPs have resigned from their party or have registered with one of the parties of the ruling coalition.

It is made up of the United Democratic Party, the People's Alliance Party and the Kandere Party.

Under the Political Parties Integrity Act, MPs must resign from their political parties to join other political groupings.

Mr Sigoto and Mr Alex had stated that joining the government was in the best interest of their constituencies and constituents.

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Photo: RNZI Koroi Hawkins