PNG police and electricity provider in dispute

8:47 pm on 17 December 2015

The police constabulary in Papua New Guinea say it is withdrawing services to the country's main electricity provider, after the company cut off power supply to its national headquarters.

Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade

Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade Photo: Supplied

The acting commissioner of police and the chief of administration, Raphael Huafolo, says police will no longer attend to any complaints from PNG Power.

He says the police force has been crippled by PNG Power cutting off supply to the national headquarters for the last three months, and officers cannot do their jobs to their fullest capacity.

Mr Huafolo says PNG Power cut off the power supply due to the non-payment of electricity bills, and the company fails to understand that the police are not a money making entity and depend on money allocated by the government.

He says PNG Power's strong-armed tactics are unnecessary, and the police have paid their electricity bills over the years and will continue to do so.

Mr Huafolo says some understanding is required from the management of PNG Power.