Oro governor urges PNG to do more on illegal logging

4:55 pm on 15 December 2015

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Oro province says much more needs to be done to stop illegal logging in the country.

Gary Juffa, PNG

Gary Juffa, PNG Photo: Supplied

Gary Juffa has commended the government for issuing stop work orders for two logging companies operating in Oro province for alleged illegal logging.

But he encourages the government to revoke about 74 Special Agricultural Business Leases which are still in place despite being found by a commission of inquiry over two years ago to be largely fraudulent.

Mr Juffa says illegal logging by foreign entities remains rife in PNG and also comes with proliferation of illegal immigration, gun smuggling and drug manufacturing.

"That's why we ought to kick them all out. Logging is not rocket science, anyone can do it. But you have to do it properly. You have to consider the environment. There has to be forest management plans in place. There has to be reforestation plans in place. There has to be consideration of specific species of flora and fauna and how we treat them, etc. None of these are ever considered. But now we've got to start doing that."

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