10 Dec 2015

Sport: Fiji Hockey determined to avoid another funding shortfall

12:18 pm on 10 December 2015

The Fiji Hockey Federation is determined to avoid another funding shortfall at next year's World League tournament.

Fiji won the men's and women's Round 1 events in December last year but withdrew from competing in the second round due to a lack of finance.

Papua New Guinea were given the chance to attend in Fiji's place but also declined, leaving no Oceania representative.

The next World League event is in the middle of next year and Fiji National head coach Hector Smith says they're already started to investigate funding options.

"If we don't put our foot in from the word go then we have no chance at all of travelling. It's always going to be a big task, as a minor sport I don't feel we get our fair share of the cake. We are hoping we find it - straight after this tournament we will be working on seeing how we can fundraise. Previously in the World Cup we actually paid per player $3,500 to go to India. It's always been a struggle for us and a big obstacle for most of the athletes but we will keep trying and we're determined to play".

Shadow Fiji men's and women's national teams and Under 21 squads are currently competing in an invitational series in Suva against teams from New Zealand and Australia.

The Fiji men's hockey team at the Oceania Cup.

The Fiji men's hockey team will be hoping to retain their World League Round 1 title next year. Photo: Facebook / Fiji Hockey Federation