9 Dec 2015

Ban on Vanuatu MPs boosts anti-graft fight

10:01 am on 9 December 2015

Women Against Crime and Corruption in Vanuatu says a ten year ban on the country's convicted MPs standing for parliament is a boost for the volunteer group's struggle against corruption.

A spokeswoman Jenny Ligo says she is proud of the Vanuatu judiciary and she says recent court decisions are a lesson for all of Vanuatu's people.

15 MPs convicted of bribery in October were this week banned from running for parliament for ten years and had their entitlements stopped.

Ms Ligo says the men, as MPs, were in a better position than most to know about corruption and the laws of the land.

"They themselves, they should know - "I have done wrong and I must quit" - but some of them didn't do that and that's why the court is telling them. If they had done what is right then they will not go into all these complications in their life."

Jenny Ligo says young people and women need to work together to make sure people in Vanuatu's close-knit society understand what corruption is.