7 Dec 2015

NZ uni praises Pasifika leadership students

1:38 pm on 7 December 2015

Wellington's Victoria University has commended four Pasifika students for being among the first from the region to graduate from its international leadership programme.

Chelcia Gomese, Sonny Togiatama, Anderias Tani and Higano Perez collectively represent Solomon Islands, Niue, Timor-Leste, Tokelau and New Zealand.

They are among 51 students who graduated this year from the intensive, degree-long programme designed to prepare students for international careers.

Chelcia Gomese says she aims to use her skills to help develop her community in Solomon Islands.

"I have started my own non-profitable organisation to help young women as well as young children in the community get an education and also learn about environmental impacts. And because I am building a library for the people in my community that is one of the main focus that I will be working on."

Since it began in 2008, over 350 students have graduated from Victoria's International Leadership Programme. Prior to this year only one other student has ever identified as being Pasifika.

Victoria University

Victoria University Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson