US official notes Marshalls efforts to combat human trafficking

4:28 pm on 2 December 2015

A visiting US State Department official has noted efforts in the Marshall Islands to combat human trafficking.

The Marshall Islands this year dropped further in State Department world rankings for human trafficking and its record is now the worst in the Pacific.

Jennifer Hong who oversees the annual Trafficking in Persons reports for 19 Asia and Pacific nations has met with key players on the issue in Majuro including members of the country's anti-trafficking task force.

A task force representative, William Fife, says the group has conducted awareness raising sessions on human trafficking for over 1,200 people in high schools, government agencies, non-government groups, and communities in Ebeye and Majuro.

Ms Hong noted the importance of a national plan to combat trafficking.

A draft plan is awaiting endorsement by the Marshall Islands government.

The Marshall Islands' poor record revolves around Majuro's role as a port of call for foreign fishing and transshipping vessels.

A ship anchored in the Marshall Islands, boat, fishing, sea, Majuro

A ship anchored in the Marshall Islands Photo: RNZI