Anger at police violence in PNG

3:37 pm on 30 November 2015

Family members of the three victims involved in a car chase in the Papua New Guinea capital, Port Moresby, that ended with one soldier shot dead have condemned the actions of the police.

The Post Courier reports that the family is calling the police action brutal and uncalled for.

A spokesperson Dr Maryanne Tokome said whatever the three did does not warrant a life being taken away.

PNG police on patrol

PNG police on patrol Photo: AFP

All three are cousins from Wapenamanda in Enga.

Private Beno says they were chased by a police Landcruiser, but eventually stopped, got out of the car, raised their hands showing they meant no harm.

He says the police then walked towards them and shot them and harassed Ms Pindia.

The paper reports Dr Tokome saying the family is giving the police hierarchy until today to talk with them or they will take legal action.