30 Nov 2015

Niue police chief hopes he has seen the worst of Tuni

12:09 pm on 30 November 2015

A gale warning remains in force for Niue, as tropical cyclone Tuni moves southeast around 160 kilometres northeast of the island.

The cyclone caused flooding, destructive winds, and landslides in Samoa and American Samoa.

Close to its centre, Cyclone Tuni is estimated to have wind speeds of up to 75 kilometres per hour and momentary gusts of up to 100 kilometres per hour.

It's moving at around 23 kilometres per hour, and the Niue Police chief Tony Edwards says he expects that Niue has seen the worst of the cyclone overnight.

He says around midnight the winds instensified around the island before easing again.

High seas and thunderstorms have been forecast for today.

A forecast of Cyclone Tuni's predicted path by Niue on Sunday night.

Cyclone Tuni tracking near Niue Photo: Fiji Meteorological Service