26 Nov 2015

Kiribati seafarers warned about drugs trade

8:27 pm on 26 November 2015

The Kiribati ministry of labour is reminding its nationals working on foreign vessels not to get involved with illegal drugs.

On Monday, the ministry is organising a public forum which it expects seafarers in the capital to attend.

Acting senior assistant secretary, Arieta Tekaura Kairirieta, says the meeting was called after several i-Kiribati seafarers were caught in possession of drugs.

Captagon pills, along with a cup of cocaine.

Photo: AFP

They have reportedly been held in Spain since July.

He says foreign employers have threatened to recruit seafarers elsewhere if drug trafficking problems continue.

He adds they will sit down with the crews and discuss the concerns and what needs to be done.

The last such meeting was held in 2008.