23 Nov 2015

Rocard says New Caledonia independence odd

8:04 pm on 23 November 2015

A former French prime minister, Michel Rocard, has described New Caledonia's possible independence as a kind of oddity.

Former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard

Former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard Photo: AFP

The territory is due to hold a referendum by 2018 completing a decolonisation process which began in the 1980s when he was France's prime minister.

During his term, the 1988 Matignon Accords were signed which ended years of violence.

In a newspaper interview, Mr Rocard says nobody is independent any more because the creation of the euro as a common currency has changed the meaning of independence.

Mr Rocard says he hopes a common stance will be found between the pro- and anti-independence side.

New Caledonia's currency is not the euro, but the Pacific franc.

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Photo: AFP