23 Nov 2015

Fiji's student journalists say govt could benefit from free media

11:02 am on 23 November 2015

Student journalists in Fiji say the government can learn and benefit from the media if it takes a different approach.

Duane Mar, the most recent editor of the student publication Wansolwara, says he faces similar media controls as other journalists, like long delays in hearing back from the government.

Mr Mar, from the University of the South Pacific, says journalists' investigations could assist the government if it was willing to open up, but the draconian media decree is still a threat.

"It hinders the media's ability to point out the gaps, point out the errors, point out the flaws that need to be addressed. If they were far more open with us, if they were willing to work with us and understand what our role is, we'd be able to highlight the gaps and the places where they don't see it. They can benefit from us just as much."

Duane Mar received two awards for his reporting at this year's USP student journalism awards.