20 Nov 2015

Republican candidate casts campaign to the territories

6:16 pm on 20 November 2015
US Republican Party candidate Ben Carson

US Republican Party candidate Ben Carson Photo: AFP

A candidate seeking the Republican party's nomination to contest the United States presidency, Ben Carson, would appoing a special assistant in charge of communications with the territories if he is elected.

The pledge was made by one of Dr Carson's top strategists, Jason Osborne, on a recent visit to American Samoa to find out about issues affecting the territory and to rally local Republicans to support Dr Carson.

The American Samoa Republican Party will cast nine votes for the party's presidential candidate at the party's national convention next year, but American Samoans don't get to vote for the presidency.

Mr Osborne says Dr Carson believes the territories should be treated equally to all other Americans, and that Dr Carson would elect a special assistant to have their needs aired in the White House.

Ben Carson is one of many Republicans vying for the party's presidential nomination, with some polls having him in the lead.

Representatives for another top-tier candidate, Ted Cruz, have also recently visited American Samoa.