18 Nov 2015

Funeral today of Fiji photographer assaulted after coup

8:59 am on 18 November 2015

A funeral is being held in Fiji today for a photographer who died of his injuries after being beaten by soldiers following the 2006 coup.

Opposition MPs told parliament yesterday they will continue their fight for others who have been assaulted by the defence forces.

In 2007 witnesses said the Fiji Times photographer Sitiveni Moce was confronted as he tried to take pictures of soldiers escorting a person from the Methodist Church in Suva.

He was apparently manhandled and taken to the military camp where he was questioned and detained for an hour.

He never fully recovered from his injuries and was lately left paralysed and bedridden.

Mr Moce's supporters say he was not compensated nor did he ever receive an apology from his attackers and money had to be raised to help support him and his family.

Mr Moce was also attacked and beaten by rebel supporters in the 2000 coup.

Veteran Fijian news photographer Sitiveni Moce who was bedridden after injuries sustained in an assault after the 2006 coup.

Veteran Fijian news photographer Sitiveni Moce Photo: Ricardo Morris