Govt money for French Polynesia nuclear workers association

11:20 am on 16 November 2015

The French Polynesia Nuclear Workers' Association, or Mururoa e Tatou, has been given 50,000 US dollars by the government to help with its work.

The organisation brings compensation claims for workers who say they experienced health problems after being exposed to radiation from French nuclear weapons testing at Mururoa.

Its head, Roland Oldham, says it has spent many years asking for money from the government and that amount it has finally been given is not enough.

He says the money is not going to provide justice to the victims.

"To me, it's nothing. It's five million franc if you want to know. Five million franc will do nothing. For a victim to get a lawyer here in Tahiti to be in court costs us more than one million franc. There's this big thing about the money but it's nothing, it really is nothing."


Moruroa Photo: AFP