14 Nov 2015

Sport: Fiji Rugby boss denies being forced out

11:26 am on 14 November 2015

The outgoing CEO of the Fiji Rugby Union denies he was forced to resign and says he's leaving because he's achieved what he set out to do.

Radrodro Tabulevu was appointed in August last year and is the fifth person to fill the CEO position on a permanent or temporary basis in the past four and a half years.

He says it was his decision to quit and, with his goals achieved and a new board in place, it's the right time for him to go.

"I'd come in about 15 months ago. was brought in by the previous board to attend to a few issues that were current at that point in time: chief amongst which was the finalisation or the clarity around our sponsorship deal and after that the key objectives was to qualify [the sevens team] for Rio and then prepare a team for the World Cup. 15 months later that's been achieved and it's time to move onto other things."

Radrodro Tabulevu says he remains keen to stay involved in Fiji Rugby at a club, provincial or national level.

His last day at Rugby House will be December the eighth.

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