12 Nov 2015

Global temperature rise reaches 1 degree mark for 1st time

10:48 am on 12 November 2015

Meteorologists in the UK have revealed that this year the global mean temperature at the Earth's surface will reach 1 degrees celcius above pre-industrial levels for the first time.

Figures released on Monday by the UK's Met Hadley Centre based on data from January to September shows 2015 global mean temperature at 1.02 °C (±0.11 °C) above pre-industrial levels.

The revelation comes as world leaders prepare to negotiate an ambitious climate agreement in Paris with Pacific Island states calling for the ambitious target of keeping global temperatures below 1.5 degrees celsius while many industrial nations are opting for a 2 degrees target.

The Director of the UK's Met Hadley Centre Stephen Belcher says the strong El Nino event occurring in the Pacific has had a big impact on global temperatures this year pushing them up to 1 degrees celsius above preindustrial levels for the first time.

Mr Belcher says he expects warming to continue in the years ahead with more and more years reaching the 1 degree marker until it becomes the norm.

UK Met Hadley Centre Article: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/release/archive/2015/one-degree