11 Nov 2015

New Caledonia fugitive arrested in Moorea

2:42 pm on 11 November 2015

Police in French Polynesia have arrested a New Caledonian businessman, Jean Marc Bruel, wanted since his sentencing on Monday.

The criminal court in Noumea had given him a three-year jail term over a case of favouritism in getting a large contract from the publicly owned OPT telecommunications company.

Another person to be convicted was the former president, Harold Martin, who was also given a jail sentence but which he doesn't have to serve while his appeal is pending.

Because of his absence when the sentence was given, Bruel was considered a fugitive.

He has been arrested in Moorea and transferred to the jail on Tahiti.

Nuutania jail, French Polynesia

Nuutania jail, French Polynesia Photo: Supplied