6 Nov 2015

NGO questions equality in Fiji justice system

9:04 am on 6 November 2015

A Fiji NGO, the Citizens Constitutional Forum has raised concerns about equality before the law in Fiji.

The comments come after a military officer Pita Matairavula failed to show up in court twice, after he was wanted in connection to a high-profile torture case.

The lawyer acting for Mr Matairavula says his client was never on the run and once he was informed about the case he went to court.

The head of the Forum, Sara Bulutani Mataitawakilai, says no one is above the law and and a member of the military should know to turn up in court on time.

"We are showing our concern with people who are disobeying the law in Fiji, and it seems like they have been treated lightly even though the case is serious."

Mr Mataitawakilai says the CCF is also concerned at reports the police were denied entry to the military barracks to arrest the officer - something that has been disputed by Mr Matairavula's lawyer.