3 Nov 2015

Sport: Fiji Baseball celebrates 15 years with new hope

12:26 pm on 3 November 2015

As Baseball marks 15 years of official play in Fiji there are signs of a revivial in interest.

The introduction of the sport in Fiji was largely because of the Pacific Games in 2003 to which Fiji played host.

Progress has been hampered after the baseball diamond created for the Games was demolished three years later.

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Photo: 123RF

However momentum could be picking up again with FIBSA holding an inter-primary competition for the first time in six years over the weekend.

FIBSA develpment officer Inoke Niubalavu says the compeition was modelled on a New Zealand concept.

"I implemented a programme that I learnt when I was in New Zealand in 2008. I was in northern Whangarei helping them with their development. The programme that they used in Whangarei, I think it was Baseball New Zealand, is exactly what I am trying to implement here in Fiji."

Niubalavu says the appointment of a Japanese coach to the association has also helped improve the game in Fiji.