PNG model finalist reacts to online abuse

2:55 pm on 2 November 2015

A Papua New Guinea model hoping to address mistreatment of women says she is facing a storm of abuse for not fitting cultural norms.

Noreen Pisa, a finalist in this year's Miss Global International, says she has received abusive messages about her attire and choice of profession, with many saying she is not respecting her culture.

PNG model, Noreen Pisa.

PNG model, Noreen Pisa. Photo: supplied

But Ms Pisa says a bikini covers more of her body than her traditional garb would and she is standing up for the belief that women should be able to strive for anything they want.

Ms Pisa says she will continue to use modelling as a platform.

"The violence that women face everyday in Papua New Guinea, it is a major issue. It has been a major issue for the past years. Lots of women have been abused, been raped, been killed because they think they are witches. It's a very big issue in Papua New Guinea."

Noreen Pisa says she hopes to one day start a modelling agency for young women.