2 Nov 2015

As Vanuatu parliament stalls, former advisors 'still using' assets

4:31 pm on 2 November 2015

Vanuatu's acting leader of the opposition has accused advisors of jailed MPs of misusing state assets.

In a letter to the Prime Minister Sato Kilman, Ham Lini warned him that political advisors hired by MPs found guilty of corruption should no longer be using government vehicles and offices.

Vanuatu Daily Post front page, October 23 2015

Vanuatu Daily Post front page, October 23 2015 Photo: SUPPLIED / Vanuatu Daily Post / Len Garae

He says the advisors' contracts should be terminated.

Mr Lini alleged the political adviser to the former Speaker of Parliament, Marcellino Pipite, was still using his office and official car.

The country's President, meanwhile, is still urging the government and opposition to end the political impasse, or a dissolution of Parliament will be necessary.

The Opposition does not have the required 27 MPs to oust the Prime Minister with a vote of no confidence, while the Government does not have the numbers to call parliament to debate the 2016 budget.